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Girls Club Volleyball

Welcome to Desert Rogue Athletics. We are a club volleyball program participating in the Southern California Volleyball Association. Our goal is provide a quality environment to enhance the athletic education of our volleyball players. Current and positive coaching techniques are used to enable our athletes to learn the sport of volleyball. Our goal is to encourage growth not only as a team, but as individual players that can choose to use their experiences to assist in furthering their education

URGENT!!!! News about tryouts!!!
Just found out that there is VVC basketball in the gym on Saturday mornings. Both the youngers tryouts and the make up tryouts will have current scheduled date, BUT the time will be different.

Youngers Sat., Oct 6 2pm to 4pm, doors open 1:30pm
All Make up Sat. Nov 10 2pm to 4pm, doors open 1:30pm

"Olders" Tryouts a success!

We have completed our initial tryouts for the older age groups; 18, 16 & 15. We currently have openings on our 15 Silver team. Our "Younger" tryouts will be on October 6. We will be doing make up tryouts for all age groups on November 10. This upcoming club year has great promise with all of our dedicated athletes! If you missed the summer tryout, please come to the makeups. If you missed the summer tryout and are NOT a high school volleyball athlete, contact Rena for other opportunities.

Congratulations to three of our Senior athletes going on to college careers:

Marisela Flores        Manhattanville College

Julia Swanson & Ari Ruiz       Victor Valley College


Sela and sister Mary.

Sela and sister Mary.

Julia & Ari

Julia & Ari